Dustless – 5″ DustBuddie Shroud w/ 18″ Hose

  • Vacuum shroud used in dust containment while grinding with angle grinders.
  • Fits most 4-inch to 5-inch angle grinders.
  • Made of clear polycarbonate for improved visibility and durability.
  • Removable front edge of shroud for grinding close to a wall or edge.
  • Complies with EPA regulations for point-of-origin dust containment when used with a Dustless Technologies D1606 HEPA Vacuum
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Product Description

The D1835 DustBuddie by Dustless Technologies is your solution to dust storms created when grinding concrete. A universal, pivoting mount allows it to attach to nearly any 4″-5″ grinder and contours to your grinding movements. Bristles along the bottom create a seal for maximum suction. For grinding close to walls, the front is removable to allow for close work. An included 18 inch hose provides adaptation to most standard wet/dry vacuums. Works best and complies with EPA laws and OSHA guidelines when used with a Dustless Technologies D1606 Wet/Dry Vacuum. Includes (1) 5″ DustBuddie, (1) 18″ adapter hose, (3) spacers for correct positioning, and (1) releasable tie for keeping the vacuum hose out of the way.