Dustless – 7″ Worm Drive Saw Shroud

  • Vacuum shroud used in dust containment while using worm drive and hypoid saws
  • Fits most 7 1/4” worm drive and hypoid circular saws and captures up to 99% of concrete dust
  • Made of an ABS/Polycarbonate blend for rugged durability
  • Wheels protect the cutting surface and glide smoothly
  • Metal baseplate takes heavy jobsite abuse
  • Quick and Easy tool-free installation
  • Unobstructed view of blade for maximum precision
  • Replacement parts available for extended shroud life
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Product Description

Dustless Technologies introduces a revolutionary system for capturing dust produced by reciprocating saws. The SawBuddie™ is a clear rubber dust shroud that fits popular makes and models of reciprocating saws. It installs quickly by simply slipping it over the front of the saw, and securing with a Velcro strap. 2 ½” long bristles encircle the blade to create a flexible enclosure that corrals the dust at the point of origin, allowing the vacuums airflow to evacuate the dust before it becomes airborne. The flexible nature of the bristles gives the operator optimum control, and a narrow gap in the top of the bristles provides clear line of sight to the blade for precise control of cuts. The SawBuddie can also be rotated to accommodate upside-down, and sideway, blade installations.

Because the SawBuddie™ is a point-of-origin dust control system, it enables contractors to comply with EPA RRP regulations, when attached to a full unit certified HEPA vacuum – also manufactured by Dustless Technologies.