Dustless – 4″ BitBuddie w/ 18″ Hose

  • Vacuum shroud used in dust containment while using drills and percussion hammers
  • Captures up to 99% of concrete dust and slurry
  • Works with any drill bit 4in or smaller
  • Made of flexible rubber that sucks to any surface
  • Complies with OSHA Silica Rule and EPA Regulations for point-of-origin dust containment


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Product Description

Some people buy a drill just for the included shroud. Don’t buy a new one—use the drills you already have. The 4” BitBuddie works with any drill bit 4” or smaller just trim to fit your bit. The included adapter hose will adapt to most standard wet dry vacuums. The BitBuddie captures nearly all dust and slurry generated while drilling. Using vacuum suction, the dust and debris are caught, giving you a truly dustless work environment. This saves you and your workers from breathing harmful silica dust while keeping the area dust free, saving time and money in cleanup.

The BitBuddie uses vacuum suction to “stick” to whatever surface you are drilling. Slits around the bottom bring in the dust while maintaining a vacuum seal.The BitBuddie can be used on concrete, wood, drywall, metal, and nearly any other material on ceilings, walls, floors, and any other surface.