Wunderbag Micro Pre-Filters, 2 Pack

  • Works with most major brands of vacuums to add superior filtration
  • Seal for safe disposal of hazardous material such as silica, lead, asbestos, and hexavalent chromium
  • Rated at 0.5 microns of filtration for both airborne particles and water
  • Retains its strength and filtration while vacuuming water and slurry
  • Capable of holding 40 pounds of debris


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Product Description

Have a vacuum that spews dust out the exhaust? Turn it into a dustless vacuum with this bag. Our micro pre-filter bags captures 99.97% of particles at 0.5 microns. That is 0.00005 centimeters across, much smaller than most dust particles. Although this bag is not HEPA rated, it can make any vacuum have superior filtration.

This bag can be used with wet applications, including water and slurry. The user can go between wet and dry materials and the bag will not lose its filtration nor its strength. Filtered water will slowly leech from the bag while all of the contaminants remain inside the bag. This allows you to throw out the bag and dump out or reuse the filtered water for quick and easy cleanup.