Metal Cutting Diamond Blades-LMC Series

This LMC blade is specifically designed to cut all types of metal. Laser welded with a double reinforced core to prevent warping.

  • Up to 2 x faster than abrasive blades
  • Lasts up to 60 x longer than abrasive blades
  • More safe to use. Does not shrink like abrasive wheels

Applications: Metal Studs, Pipe, Angle Steel 


Product Description

Combo Blades are a hybrid version of general purpose blades that are uniquely formulated to cut an even wider variety of materials with increased efficiency in performance and cutting costs. A Combo Blade’s cutting window covers the expanse from hard reinforced concrete all the way to soft, abrasive materials such as asphalt and block. Used by general contractors, masons, concrete contractors, restoration contractors, landscapers, utility companies, sewer and water contractors, municipalities, rental stores and those who demand a higher degree of performance.