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NDT 150 Handheld Core drill

Introducing the Nycon Diamond NDT150: Your Powerhouse Wet/Dry Drill! This heavy-duty 3-speed drilling motor delivers 1700 W of pure drilling force, conquering up to 6 inches in wet conditions and 8 inches in dry settings. Crafted with all-metal construction, it excels in cooling, durability, and strength. Its lightweight aluminum alloy body enhances cooling and durability, making it easy to handle. Powered by smart electronic motor management with soft start, overload protection, and thermal safeguards, the NDT150 ensures top-notch performance and safety. The 3-speed oil bath gearbox with clutch gives you precision control, while the in-line side handle ensures optimal handling. Stay in control with the LED Indicator that clearly signals load conditions. Plus, the package includes a water supply kit with a quick-release water hose adaptor for hassle-free wet drilling. Say goodbye to stuck core bits with the anti-seize ring and drill with precision using the vertical and horizontal levels. Upgrade your drilling game with Nycon Diamond today!

NDT 350 Core Drill

Introducing the NDT350: Your Ultimate Drilling Companion! This high-efficiency, 3-speed drilling motor packs a punch with its 2800 W power and sleek aluminum body. With advanced features like Surge Function, Slow-Start, and precision levels, it's a game-changer for any drilling task. Durable, cool, and hassle-free maintenance with quick-replaceable seals, the NDT350 ensures you never get stuck on the job. Upgrade your drilling experience today!