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QDM-150W Elite – Wet Core Drill Motor – 110 Volt

The QDM-150W ELITE is a powerful, hand held or rig-mounted diamond core drill motor. Built with more power, more speed, more reliability, more innovation and more value in mind for the user, this core drill has a 2Kw motor, all metal construction allowing for increased cooling and durability, and an innovative IPM System which manages the volume of power entering the motor depending on the circumstances in hand.

QDM-350 Drill Motor – 110 Volt, 3 Speed

QDM-350 DRILL MOTOR The QDM-350 is a powerful, rig-mounted diamond core drill motor, to be used with cores up to 350mmØ. This diamond core drill motor has a 3 speed gear box, and a 2.8Kw motor ensuring strength and easy functionality for the user. Available in both 110V and 230V.