Wall Saw Blade – Wall Blade

Wall saw blades (W5L) 5 layers.

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Product Description

Compatible with All Ring Saws, Gas and Hydraulic.

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

NY.W24187W5L, NY.W24220W5L, NY.W26187W5L, NY.W26220W5L, NY.W26235W5L, NY.W26250W5L, NY.W30187W5L, NY.W30220W5L, NY.W30235W5L, NY.W30250W5L, NY.W32187W5L, NY.W32220W5L, NY.W32235W5L, NY.W32250W5L, NY.W36187W5L, NY.W36220W5L, NY.W36235W5L, NY.W36250W5L, NY.W42187W5L, NY.W42220W5L, NY.W42235W5L, NY.W44187W5L, NY.W48187W5L, NY.W48220W5L, NY.W54187W5L, NY.W54220W5L, NY.W56187W5L, NY.W56220W5L

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