Super Combo Diamond Blade – LSTS Series

Top performance for cutting all materials and satisfying all contractors, the LSTS blade has 12mm all turbo segments with 15mm full size turbo segmented undercut rim. It is extremely reliable and offers a very smooth cut. Use on a high speed saw, masonry saw and a walk behind saw up to 20HP.

Applications: Concrete, Brick, Field Stone, Refractory Brick, Pavers, Roof Tile, Ductile Iron, Green Concrete, Asphalt, Granite, Marble.  


Product Description

Combo Blades are a premium version of the popular General Purpose blades and are ideal for medium to heavy duty cutters. These blades are user friendly, they have wider cutting windows so one blade can cut more different types of material. Used by landscapers, small general contractors, utility companies, sewer and water, municipalities and rental.