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Tuck Point Diamond Blade – TKG Series

The Blue Boulette tuck point blade is designed with 12mm segments and a superior formulation for extremely fast removal of grout.

Tuck Point Diamond Blade – TK-P Series

The TK-P series is engineered with a higher concentration of diamond for extra long life.

Tuck Point Diamond Blade – TK-S Series

The TK-S is for contractors and users looking for performance at a great value.

Granite and Marble Blade – V-MAX GSV-M Series

GSV-M Series is a Supreme blade engineered with V-Max Patterned Diamond technology which maximizes every diamond’s life and cutting efficiency. Designed with high quality diamond matrix, the GSV-M delivers superior performance with fast, smooth, and clean cutting of stone materials including granite.

Applications: Marble, Granite and Fieldstone 

Granite and Marble Blade – GM Series

All-Cut supreme plus, 10mm segments plus undercut segments.

Granite and Marble Blade – TGW Series

The wave core design of the TGW-P blades provides a strong core that allows air to circulate, displacing debris and enhancing cutting speed.

Applications: Marble, Granite, Block, Concrete, Hard Concrete, Pavers, Hard Brick. 

Granite and Marble Blade – TG-SP Series

TG-SP has a Supreme diamond formulation for fast, smooth, and clean cutting of stone materials including granite. Blades 4”-6” diameter are designed with flash mount holes.

Applications: Marble, Granite and Stone

Tile and Glass Blade – CG Series

The CG blades are a Supreme designed blade with a continuous rim specially formulated for smooth and chip-free cutting of glass.

Applications: Glass Tile

Masonry Diamond Blade – TS Series

The TS Series is a Supreme General purpose blade for masonry, brick, block, cured, concrete. Premium blade for fast cutting and good blade life. Applications : Masonry Brick, clay pavers, block, ductile iron pipe, hard brick, hard concrete, cured concrete, and pavers

Masonry Diamond Blade – SCC-P Series

Superior quality 15mm oversized segments for fast cutting and extended blade life suitable for hard materials including reinforced concrete. Recommended for high speed saws and walk behinds saws up to 20HP.

Masonry Diamond Blade – BT Series

The BT blade is a Premium blade good for cutting abrasive materials such as block, paver, and brick. It has a special T-Segment design that provides core and undercut protection.

Applications: Block, Paver, Brick