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Masonry Diamond Blade – LSU Series

The LSUB is a Supreme Blade, formulated to the highest quality for cutting hard materials. It has notched segments which provide an aggressive entry.

Applications: Concrete, Hard Concrete, Refractory Brick, Stone

Masonry Diamond Blade – WST Series

The WST Series is a Premium blade, with a unique turbo split segment design, that provides a very fast and aggressive cut for high speed, stationary, and walk behind saws up to 13HP. A 12mm segment height gives the blade an extended cutting life.

Applications: Concrete, Hard Concrete, Hard Brick, Field Stone.

Masonry Diamond Blade – UB14X Series

The UB blade is a Premium wide gullet design, that has been a proven choice of stationary saw operators for clean and fast cutting of hard materials. The blade’s premium diamond bond segments ensure maximum production speed and performance. Applications: Brick, Pavers, Cured Concrete, Hard Brick 

Masonry Diamond Blade – SW Series

The SW series is a Supreme standard laser welded blade, that provides heavy duty performance and an extended cutting life on a wide window of application including concrete, block, pavers, brick, and other masonry materials. A popular choice among general contractors looking for the most affordable blade with a heavy duty performance.

Applications: General Purpose, Block, Concrete, Pavers, Brick 

Asphalt and Green Concrete Diamond Blade – GC Series

Early entry green concrete blade (price includes metal skid plate). The innovative and patented asymmetrical Star Arbor fits Soff-Cut® saws and other popular saws with asymmetrical arbors.

Asphalt and Green Concrete Diamond Blade – AS Series

The AS series is designed with the standard U gullets for effective slurry removal. Both SAS and AS blades can be used on high speed saws, low horsepower walk behind saws, and recommended for asphalt contractors, general contractors, and block masons.

Concrete Diamond Blade – WST Series

Premium, jumbo turbo segments, for fast cutting and extended life on hard materials, and reinforced concrete. Laserwelded, recommended for high speed saws and walk behind saws up to 20hp.

Concrete Diamond Blade – SCC-P Series

Superior quality 15mm oversized segments for fast cutting and extended life for hard materials and reinforced concrete . Recommended for high speed saws and walk behind saws up to 20hp.

Concrete Diamond Blade – SW Series

Standard laser welded blade for heavy duty performance. Extended life on a wide application. Most affordable heavy duty blade.

General Purpose Diamond Blade – LSTR

Premium blade with tw segments laser welded with notched segments for aggressive fast cutting. Great for landscaper contractors cutting brick & pavers.